Founded in 2006, Manzanita Outfitters has been located downtown in the Depot Marketplace since 2011, close to most of our customers and the fun events that go on in town. We also offer a complete bike shop, Manzanita Cyclery with accessories, bikes for sale and for rent, and expert repair and tune-ups.

We feel that the most important component of Manzanita Outfitters is the people who work here. We try to be responsive to our customer’s needs. This goes well beyond having the right products at the right price. We strive to create an experience for our customers that is conversational, educational, and downright fun.

Manzanita Outfitters offers a clean, well-stocked store with friendly, knowledgeable staff. It is the welcoming and excited environment that people seem to respond to. Often people just stop in to walk around the store to see what’s new and talk with the knowledgeable staff.